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Physical Therapy CE

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Florida Physical Therapist

Continuing Education

All courses are approved by the Florida Board of Physical Therapy - Ap...
24 CE Hours Total – maximum of 12 hours may be completed online per ...
All courses report to CE broker in 24 hours.

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Individual Courses

Required Courses

2 hours of Medical Errors and 1 hour Human Trafficking are required.

Preventing Medical Errors in Physical Therapy – 2 CE

Learn about how to prevent medical errors using root cause analysis in this CE....




General Courses

22 Hours of General CE are needed, a maximum of 12 hours online may be completed online.

OSHA-Compliant Bloodborne Pathogens Training: Ensuring Workplace Safety and Health Standards – 3.0

Bloodborne Pathogens Training is crucial for healthcare professionals, as they are at increased risk of exposure to bloodborne pathogens due to the na...


Paths Forward for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Healthcare Webcast – 1.5 CE

Notable disparities are present both with regard to individuals in the healthcare profession as well as in the delivery of healthcare to the patient p...


Lyme is Ticking: Updates on the Management of Lyme Disease and Other Tick-Borne Infections Webcast- 1 CE

The Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) recently published new guidelines on managing Lyme disease in 2021, the first time these guidelines ...


The Next Phase of COVID: Management Strategies for Transitioning Towards an Endemic – 1 CE

While it is difficult to predict what will happen with COVID-19 over the long-term, the United States is now shifting its overall strategies in managi...


Frozen Shoulder: An Orthopedic Study – 10 CE

Learn about frozen shoulder or adhesive capsulitis, its causes, presentation, and treatment options in this CE for physical therapists and other inter...


Wheelchair Seating Assessment – 4 CE

This course also explores the various parts of a wheelchair, what they do and how they affect the body. You will also discover how the functionality o...


HIV/AIDS Infection Control – 3 CE

Learn about HIV/AIDS and how healthcare providers can help give safe and compassionate care for patients living with HIV and AIDS in this CE....


HIV/AIDS Infection Control – 1 CE

This course applies to all healthcare professionals and fulfills the one-time Florida Board requirement for HIV/AIDS by discussing patient care, infec...