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Dietetics CE

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Florida Dietitian - Nutritionist

Continuing Education

Approved by the Florida Department of Health, Medical Quality Assuran...
30 CE Hours Total - maximum of 20 hours may be completed online per re...
All courses report to CE broker in 24 hours.

Individual Courses

Required Courses

2 hours of Medical Errors, 1 hour Human Trafficking are required.

HIV/AIDS Infection Control – 3 CE

Learn about HIV/AIDS and how healthcare providers can help give safe and compassionate care for patients living with HIV and AIDS in this CE....




Preventing Medical Errors: Florida Requirement – 2 CE

This course applies to various healthcare professionals and fulfills the FL Board requirement for Preventing Medical Errors through discussing adverse...




General Courses

28 hours of general CE are required, maximum of 20 hours may be completed online per renewal.

Florida Required Human Trafficking Training: Modern Day Slavery – 2 CE

Learn about human trafficking, its types, warning signs, and reporting mechanisms in this CE designed for Florida healthcare providers and social work...


Understanding the Coronavirus – 2 CE

Understand the threats posed by human coronaviruses, the clinical management of infected patients, and the steps that should be taken to limit the spr...


Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) – 3 CE

This course is designed to help health care professionals recognize the signs and symptoms of MERS and take prompt action to help improve the prognosi...


Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) – 3 CE

This course is designed to help health care providers identify and manage patients with known or suspected SARS infection and take the necessary steps...


Pandemic Infection Control – 3 CE

This course is designed to help health care providers identify the mechanisms by which infectious diseases may be transmitted and what preventative me...


Current and Future Roles of Telehealth – 3 CE

This course discusses the current and future roles that telemedicine can play in ensuring patients have access to medical care, especially during pand...


Pandemic Mental Health – 3 CE

This course is designed to provide medical professionals with greater insight into the mental health impact of pandemics among patients, health care p...


Chronic Pain and Opioid Misuse – 2 CE

This course discusses the populations at high risk for opioid misuse by reviewing the incidence, distribution and clinical management of simultaneous ...


Sepsis – Signs, Symptoms and Treatment – 3 CE

This course provides health care providers with an overview of sepsis, as well as the tools that they need to reduce sepsis risk in vulnerable patient...


Pandemic Preparedness – 3 CE

This course outlines the key steps health care institutions, providers, and public health authorities must consider in developing and implementing an ...


Coronavirus Classification and Analysis – 3 CE

This course is designed to provide health care professionals with a basic understanding of the various types of human coronaviruses as well as their p...


Eating Disorders – 2 CE

This course contains valuable information that will help you detect, diagnose, and start effective treatment if you or any of your family members are ...


Parenting Children with Lyme Disease – 2 CE

This course discusses how families of children and adolescents with Lyme disease experience the illness in order to develop practical solutions that f...


Frontal Temporal Disorders – 2 CE

This course discusses the three main types of FTLD, current diagnostic methods and how to identify appropriate medications, treatments and therapies f...


Immunization of Healthcare Providers – 1 CE

This 1-hour course will examine the risks and benefits related to the immunization of health care workers to keep themselves and their patients safe....


An Overview of Irritable Bowel Syndrome – 2 CE

In this course on Irritable Bowel Syndrome, readers will learn about the basic clinical picture of this condition, the factors that contribute to its ...


Veteran Treatments: PTSD Interventions – 2 CE

This course explores a variety of research studies related to PTSD treatments and interventions, and aims to review the research studies that are most...


Programs for Persons Facing Death with Dementia – 2 CE

This course reviews the various types of progressive degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s disease, with a focus on the methods of developing...


Perceptions of Risk Stratification Workflows in Primary Care – 2 CE

This course reviews professional perceptions of healthcare transformation models that use Risk Stratification to manage care resources, an approach ai...


Mental Health of Veterans and their Families – 2 CE

This course is designed to provide health care professionals with an understanding of the mental health concerns facing veterans as well as an overvie...


An Overview of Stroke for Healthcare Professionals – 2 CE

This course is intended to provide an overview of cerebrovascular accidents, known commonly as strokes that discusses the national and worldwide impac...


Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma (PAHT) – 3 CE

This course is designed to provide health care professionals, mental health professionals, and others who are likely to encounter potential abuse with...


HIPAA for Healthcare Professionals – 2 CE

This course surveys HIPAA through discussing who is covered, what is protected, how to protect key information, how to navigate breaches and the penal...


Oral Health in Pregnant Patients – 2 CE

This course reviews the importance of oral health for pregnant patients including the risks and benefits of various dental procedures to the mother an...


Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace – 2 CE

Learn about recognizing workplace impairment to help maintain safety among healthcare providers and patients in this CE....


Effective Treatment and Care for Geriatric and Older Adults – 5 CE

Learn more about elder abuse, age-related memory changes, and effective care treatment plans for geriatric patients in this CE....


Bioterrorism for Healthcare Professionals – 4 CE

This course is designed to provide health care professionals with a deeper understanding of the various agents that may be used in a bioterrorism atta...


Domestic Violence – 2 CE

This course applies to all healthcare professionals and fulfills the domestic violence requirement for FL health care professionals by discussing its ...


The Evolution of Medical Marijuana and Other Cannabinoids – 3 CE

This course gives an overview of medical marijuana, CBD and other cannabinoids, their effects and the methods of treatment....


Tickborne Diseases – 2 CE

This course describes the most common and emerging tickborne diseases, their associated signs and symptoms, and the recommended course of treatment fo...


HIV/AIDS Infection Control – 1 CE

This course applies to all healthcare professionals and fulfills the one-time Florida Board requirement for HIV/AIDS by discussing patient care, infec...


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – 4 CE

This course provides an overview of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, its diagnosis, treatment and related complications. ...


A Look at Hypertension – 3 CE

Learn how to identify primary and secondary hypertension, and what its risk factors, effects, and treatment options are on this self-paced CE....


Tinnitus for the Healthcare Provider – 2 CE

This course is designed to provide healthcare professionals with practical guidelines to assess and manage the care of patients with tinnitus....


Pain Management for Healthcare Professionals – 5 CE

This course provides information how to identify the various types of pain and the best course of treatment for each. ...


Antibiotic Management – 6 CE

This course discusses antibiotic resistance, the reasons for inappropriate prescribing and the role of the pharmacist in raising awareness of antibiot...


The Opioid Epidemic – 2 CE

This course discusses what opiates and opioids are, the prevalence of drug abuse and drug-related deaths in the US, withdrawal, symptoms and treatment...


The Role of Vitamins in Oral Health – 2 CE

This course reviews recent studies concerning the role of vitamins in the prevention and treatment of the main oral diseases, and studies that conside...