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Continuing Education for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
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ACPE Accredited Continuing Education for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
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Watch our collection of high-quality self-instructional videos at your own convenience! All our home study CE webcasts are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE). Credits are automatically reported to CPE Monitor and/or CE Broker upon course completion.

Promoting Tobacco Cessation in the Community Pharmacy Webcast – 1 CE

Every year, smoking kills an estimated 480,000 Americans and costs $300 billion. As of 2018, 34 million Americans smoked cigarettes and community pha...


The Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine in COVID – 19: What do you need to know as a health care professional? Webcast – 1 CE

The two COVID-19 which have received emergency use authorization in the United States use messenger-RNA technology. This activity will provide the kno...


Migraines: Can You cGRP the Difference? Webcast – 1 CE

A migraine can cause severe, debilitating, and persistent pain that can last for hours or days. Although several therapeutics are available to stop mi...


Update on Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Impact on Diabetes Care Webcast – 1 CE

As the management of diabetes has evolved it has become apparent that multiple fingersticks per day are not impacting care as once thought. This type ...


Dive into the Future Role of the Advanced Clinical Pharmacist Webcast – 1.25 CE

The large focus of practice in Pharmacy is shifting gears towards clinical skills and optimal outcomes. This activity will highlight the basic feature...


The Pharmacologic Art of Managing Anxiety in Primary Care Webcast – 1 CE

Pharmacotherapies for anxiety are widely used in the ambulatory setting. Pharmacists are uniquely positioned to support providers in management of com...


The Opioid Epidemic: Searching for Solutions Webcast – 1 CE

According to the 2015 National Survey on Drug Use and Health, approximately 3.8 million people (1.4% of those ages 12 or older) reported misusing pres...


Human Trafficking in the Pharmacy Setting: Defining Our Role Webcast – 1 CE

Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry in the world and is growing exponentially in the United States. Unfortunately, the professi...


Medicinal Cannabis: A Guide for Pharmacy Professionals Webcast – 2 CE

This activity aims to assist pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in understanding how cannabis can take its place in the world of pharmacy. It discus...


mRNA Vaccines for COVID-19 Prevention: They are pretty simple! Webcast – 1 CE

While pharmacists and pharmacy technicians have been providing immunizations such as influenza for many years, the recently approved mRNA vaccines to ...


Do you have any questions for the pharmacist? New OTC drug approvals Webcast – 1 CE

New OTC status drugs are often not extensively advertised or covered in continuing education. With patients able to buy these products without a presc...


A Time and “-plase” for Everything: Updated Management of Acute Ischemic Stroke Webcast – 1 CE

Alteplase and tenecteplase are commonly utilized within health-systems requiring rapid decision-making by the healthcare team. These medications inclu...


American Addiction Webcast – 1.5 CE

Every 7 minutes in our country, a person dies from a drug overdose, while a child is also born approximately every 30 minutes dependent upon opioids. ...


Insomnia Drugs and their Pitfalls Webcast – 1 CE

The use of hypnotics has increased over the past 20 years however evidence-based medicine shows that their use leads to poor outcomes. By highlighting...


Pharma”knowledgy” Patient Care Points Webcast – 1 CE

“Pharmaknowledgy” is a term coined by Professor Pete Kreckel a 39 year veteran of community pharmacy practice. This term applies to useful knowled...