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Florida Required Human Trafficking Training: Modern Day Slavery – 2 CE

Learn about human trafficking, its types, warning signs, and reporting mechanisms in this CE designed for Florida healthcare providers and social work...


Chronic Pain and Opioid Misuse – 2 CE

This course discusses the populations at high risk for opioid misuse by reviewing the incidence, distribution and clinical management of simultaneous ...


Immunization of Healthcare Providers – 2 CE

This course discusses the importance of vaccines for healthcare providers and general attitudes and beliefs that may prevent a provider from choosing ...


Perceptions of Risk Stratification Workflows in Primary Care – 2 CE

This course reviews professional perceptions of healthcare transformation models that use Risk Stratification to manage care resources, an approach ai...


Mental Health of Veterans and their Families – 2 CE

This course is designed to provide health care professionals with an understanding of the mental health concerns facing veterans as well as an overvie...


Bioterrorism for Dental Professionals – 4 CE

Learn about the various bioterrorism agents and the corresponding treatment protocols and recommended guidelines for bioterrorism reporting and manage...


Medical Emergencies in the Dental Office – 4 CE

Learn about the information necessary to diagnose and respond to common medical emergencies that can occur in oral healthcare settings....


Pharmacology of Local Anesthetics and Sedation for the Dental Office – 4 CE

Gain a foundational understanding of the mechanisms of pain, the function and pharmacology of common local anesthetic agents used in dentistry, and fa...


Oral Effects of Tobacco Use – 2 CE

Learn how to identify smoking-related oral health pathologies and help patients find effective smoking cessation strategies in this CE....


Stress-Reduction for Healthcare Providers – 1 CE

In this CE, learn how to quantify burnout, how burnout occurs, and how to prevent it for a safer environment for professionals and patients....


Preventing Type 2 Diabetes Among The Youth – 1 CE

The course line aims to equip the reader with information regarding the appropriate nursing and health care for type 2 diabetes in children and adoles...


Preventing Common Dental Medical Errors – 2 CE

Learn about how to prevent medical errors using root cause analysis in this CE that meets the requirements for Florida dental professionals....


HIPAA for Dental Professionals – 3 CE

This course provides an overview of HIPAA requirements for dentists and dental practices as well as steps that practitioners can take to comply with t...


Overview: Oral Mucosal Lesions – 4 CE

Learn about oral mucosal lesions, its types, complications, evaluation, treatment and prevention in this CE....


Oral Hypersensitivity – 5 CE

This course discusses the etiology, prevalence and diagnosis of dentinal hypersensitivity as well as review clinical evidence behind common treatments...


HIV/AIDS Infection Control for Dental Professionals – 2 CE

This course covers the topic of HIV/AIDS and infection for dental professionals. It fulfills the requirements for the 2 hour requirement for HIV/AIDS....


Domestic Violence for Dental Practitioners – 2 CE

Learn about domestic violence, its prevalence, categories, signs and reporting requirements in this CE for dental professionals....


Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – 4 CE

Learn about the autism spectrum disorder, the theories of its causes, its characteristics, diagnosis and management in this CE....


The Evolution of Medical Marijuana and Other Cannabinoids – 3 CE

This course gives an overview of medical marijuana, CBD and other cannabinoids, their effects and the methods of treatment....


Tickborne Diseases – 2 CE

This course describes the most common and emerging tickborne diseases, their associated signs and symptoms, and the recommended course of treatment fo...


HIV/AIDS Infection Control – 1 CE

This course applies to all healthcare professionals and fulfills the one-time Florida Board requirement for HIV/AIDS by discussing patient care, infec...


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) – 4 CE

This course provides an overview of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, its diagnosis, treatment and related complications. ...


A Look at Hypertension – 3 CE

Learn how to identify primary and secondary hypertension, and what its risk factors, effects, and treatment options are on this self-paced CE....


Tinnitus for the Healthcare Provider – 2 CE

This course is designed to provide healthcare professionals with practical guidelines to assess and manage the care of patients with tinnitus....


Adolescent Neurological Development and Implications – 2 CE

This course overviews the extensive remodeling of brain development during the adolescent years, detailing the teenage journey of cognitive maturing....


Pain Management for Healthcare Professionals – 5 CE

This course provides information how to identify the various types of pain and the best course of treatment for each. ...


Antibiotic Management – 6 CE

This course discusses antibiotic resistance, the reasons for inappropriate prescribing and the role of the pharmacist in raising awareness of antibiot...


The Opioid Epidemic – 2 CE

This course discusses what opiates and opioids are, the prevalence of drug abuse and drug-related deaths in the US, withdrawal, symptoms and treatment...


The Role of Vitamins in Oral Health – 2 CE

This course reviews recent studies concerning the role of vitamins in the prevention and treatment of the main oral diseases, and studies that conside...