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Safe Patient Handling


This course will make healthcare practitioners understand how to recognize signs of injury, prevent unnecessary strain, and notice environmental factors that contribute to a hazardous working environment.

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At the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Define why MSDs occur at high rates for healthcare practitioners and why it’s been so difficult for professionals to alter their approach to the job
  • State the environmental factors that lead to injury, including specific problems with staffing, organization, and physical obstructions
  • Discuss the established body of evidence related to minimizing MSDs, and why the principles should no longer be used with healthcare workers of today
  • Explain the protocol for different types of patients, depending on weight, available equipment, and whether the patient is available to assist with the movement
  • Name different types of equipment and explain how each one relates to SPH
  • Apply the techniques of SPH to a variety of scenarios, including unexpected emergencies (e.g., a patient falling, etc.)
  • Recognize unsafe behavior even in seemingly undemanding tasks, such as feeding a patient on bed rest.
  • Differentiate between different techniques based on the nature of the task, needs of the patient, and expectations of the worker
  • Incorporate the basics of ergonomics into every aspect of the job

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