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Continuing Education for Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians
Veterinary CE
AAVSB accredited continuing educationfor Veterinariasns and Veterniary Technician
Online Non-Interactive Courses
Learn anytime, anywhere with our Online Non-Interactive Courses- all accessible online 24/7!
our collection of high-quality non-interactive courses can be accessed any time and anywhere at your own convenience!All our courses are accredited by the American Association of Veterinary State Board (AAVSB)

Treatment Decisions Based on Intraoral Radiograph Interpretation – 1 CE

This course is mainly focused on providing some insights on how to make clinical decisions based on the diagnosis of the canine and feline patients. T...


Dental Bone Grafts What, Where, When and How – 1CE

This is a course intended for veterinarians and veterinary technicians that aims to improve their capacity in managing moderate to advanced periodonta...


Cats are Not Dogs When it Comes to Dentistry – 1CE

This is a course for veterinary doctors and veterinary technicians that aims to provide an overview of various oral diseases in cats and how to identi...


Canine and Feline Intraoral Radiology – 1CE

Checking for the outer appearance of a cat or a dog can give you clues to what their oral problems are. However, not everything can be examined from t...


Dispensing Veterinary Medicine An Update for Veterinary Professionals – 3 CE

This course provides licensed veterinarians with an overview of the laws and regulations related to the prescribing and use of veterinary medications,...


Avian Influenza: A Systematic Review for Veterinarians and Veterinarian Technicians – 2 CE

Avian Influenza is a viral infection found in a wide range of birds and domestic poultry. This course is designed to further educate veterinarians and...


Canine Dental Anatomy and Pathology Webcast – 1 CE

As a veterinary dentist, you are expected to know and understand the basics of canine dental anatomy. This course focuses on canine dental anatomy and...


30+ Dental Hacks to make your Dental Experience the Best – 1 CE

Veterinary dentistry is a challenging and ever-evolving practice that requires precision, technique, and attention to detail. This course will give yo...


20+ Tips Toward Anxiety Free Extractions – 1 CE

This course is focused on providing an overview of different ways to mitigate anxiety when handling canine and feline patients. It is essential for ve...


What to do next – Dental Treatment Based on Solid Concepts – 1 CE

This course is designed for veterinarians and veterinary technicians and provides an overview of the most common dental issues facing canine and felin...