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Upcoming License Renewal Deadlines

by | Nov 4, 2020 | AchieveCE Updates

AchieveCE keeps track of upcoming license renewal deadlines to help medical professionals like you keep your licenses updated! The following are the upcoming deadlines for various health professions and different states. Click on the links to see courses and packages that will help you finish your CE requirements before your deadline.


December 31, 2020

Dental Professionals

DC dentists
DC dental hygienists
Florida dentists
Florida dental hygienists
Georgia dentists
Georgia dental hygienists
Hawaii dentists
Hawaii dental hygienists
Kentucky dentists
Kentucky dental hygienists
Louisiana dentists
Louisiana dental hygienists
Maryland dentists
Maryland dental hygienists
Maine dentists
Maine denturists
Maine dental hygienists
Mississippi dentists
Mississippi dental hygienists
North Carolina dentists
North Carolina dental hygienists
North Dakota dentists
North Dakota dental hygienists
North Dakota registered dental assistants
Tennessee dentists
Tennessee dental hygienists
Tennessee registered dental assistants
Wyoming dentists
Wyoming dental hygienists


Alabama registered nurses
Louisiana registered nurses
Louisiana licensed practical nurses
Mississippi registered nurses

Pharmacy Professionals

Connecticut pharmacists
Florida pharmacy technicians
Georgia pharmacists
Idaho pharmacists
Kentucky pharmacists
Louisiana pharmacists
Maine pharmacists
Mississippi pharmacists
New Hampshire pharmacists
North Carolina pharmacists
Wyoming pharmacists
Wyoming pharmacy technicians


January 1, 2021

Arkansas dentists
Arkansas dental hygienists
Arkansas registered dental assistants
Arkansas registered nurses
Arkansas licensed practical nurses
Arkansas certified nurse midwife
Arkansas certified nurse practitioner
Arkansas certified registered nurse anesthetist
Arkansas clinical nurse specialist

January 31, 2021

Illinois licensed practical nurses


February 28, 2021

Nebraska dentists
Nebraska dental hygienists
Nebraska pharmacists

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