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Top Nursing CE for 2021

by | Feb 6, 2021 | Industry News

Staying on top of your Nursing continuing education (CE) can be a challenge because of busy schedules and confusing course requirements. The ever-changing healthcare trends also make it difficult to search for the top Nursing CEs that can be relevant to your practice.

Luckily, at AchieveCE, we know which continuing education courses are trending with nurses across the country. Learn about this year’s hot topics in our list of Top Nursing CEs for 2021:

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking happens worldwide, and the United States is not an exception. Within US borders, thousands of foreign nationals and American citizens are forced or coerced into sex work and various forms of enslaved labor every year. Nurses and other healthcare providers who encounter victims of trafficking often don’t realize it, and opportunities to intervene in human trafficking cases are often lost.

Though there is no one telltale sign to demonstrate that one is being trafficked, there are several indicators that every healthcare professional should know. Human trafficking CEs are on the top of our lists because nurses in the country are slowly realizing that they are in an ideal position to screen, identify, care for, provide referral services for, and support victims of human trafficking.

AchieveCE’s human trafficking course is approved by various State Boards, including Florida. It reviews the reality of human trafficking, discusses how victims can be spotted, and identifies the resources available for health care practitioners. You can check out the course by clicking on the image below:

Human Trafficking

Top Nursing CE: Human Trafficking

Domestic Violence

Evidence shows that the effects of abuse and violence have a profound impact on women’s and children’s health. Studies also show that victims regularly seek services from health care workers, including nurses, for health concerns related to this abuse and violence.

As with human trafficking, domestic violence is also a situation where nurses can intervene to advocate for patient safety. Nurses have an important role to play in their work in hospital and community settings, to assist victims of abuse and violence in a domestic situation.

AchieveCE’s domestic violence course is also a Florida-approved course for nurses, and it is also accepted by various State Boards in the country. In this course, the prevalence, categories, signs, and reporting requirements for domestic violence cases are discussed in depth. Check out the course by clicking on the image below:

Domestic Violence

Top Nursing CE: Domestic Violence

Preventing Medical Errors

According to a study by researchers at Johns Hopkins Medicine, medical errors would have been the third leading cause of death in 2016, if counted in annual death statistics. Most medical errors in nursing revolve around patient falls, infections, medications, documentation, and equipment.

Nurses play a significant role in each of these areas of patient care. As a nurse, preventing medical errors must be at the forefront of your daily clinical practice. Whether it is to refresh their knowledge or update it, CEs on preventing medical errors is always a top Nursing CE because it’s easily applied to a nurse’s practice.

AchieveCE’s Preventing Medical Error course applies not just to nurses, but also to other healthcare professionals. This Board-approved course discusses adverse events, sentinel events, and near misses. It also explains what Root Cause Analysis is and how it helps in preventing medical errors.

Preventing Medical Errors_ Florida Requirement

Top Nursing CE: Preventing Medical Errors

Recognizing Workplace Impairment

The American Nurses Association (ANA) estimates that six to eight percent of nurses use alcohol or drugs to an extent that is sufficient to impair practice. It is not hard to imagine why: Nurses are often exposed to many scenarios that cause emotional distress. Their long hours and busy schedules also limit their time for stress reduction outlets. Social habits, such as drinking or recreational drug use, may be utilized as a coping mechanism, but this can quickly lead to habit and then addiction.

Increasing awareness about workplace impairment is the goal of this top Nursing CE. It aims to help nurses intervene early to help their fellow nurses who might not be coping well with workplace stressors.

Learn more about identifying impairment in the workplace by taking AchieveCE’s course on it! Our course on recognizing workplace impairment aims to help nurses maintain safety among healthcare providers and patients.

Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace

Top Nursing CE: Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace

COVID-19 Vaccines

As the coronavirus pandemic drags into 2021 after a deadly 2020, all eyes turn towards a vaccine that can combat SARS-CoV-2, the official name of the coronavirus that causes the disease known as COVID-19. While vaccines generally take years to develop and obtain approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the race for a COVID-19 vaccine has been unprecedented, and multiple vaccines have already been granted with emergency use authorization.

AchieveCE’s course on the COVID-19 vaccines is offered to all healthcare providers. This Board-approved course provides an overview of vaccine development and practices as well as the latest information regarding the development and distribution of COVID-19 vaccines.

COVID-19 Vaccines

Top Nursing CE: COVID-19 Vaccines

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