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Pharmacy News and Views is Now One Hour Long!

by | Apr 22, 2022 | AchieveCE Updates

AchieveCE is proud to announce that beginning April 27, 2022, Pharmacy News and Views will now be a 1-hour live webinar series! Presented by pharmacist-favorite Pete Kreckel, renowned community pharmacist and AchieveCE’s ACPE administrator, the new Pharmacy News and Views airs every last Wednesday of the month at 7PM ET.

The hour-long version of the live webinar series is a development from its former weekly 15-minute iteration. Due to participant demand for longer lectures, AchieveCE has extended Pharmacy News and Views and made it a monthly regular. With this new format, pharmacists and technicians can now easily earn a 1-hour course credit when they attend a session. Regular attendance to Pharmacy News and Views can also earn its participants 12 credit hours every year.

The new Pharmacy News and Views will provide pharmacists and technicians with insight on the latest news and trends in pharmacy that can affect patient care. It also features refreshers on seasonal and trending diseases, and reviews new drugs that pharmacists and technicians are likely to encounter on the bench. Professor Pete will also share important drug alerts by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and their implications for pharmacy practice.

Participants on the new and improved live webinar series will also have a go-to expert on each airing, as Pharmacy News and Views will include quick question and answer portions that allows interactions between participants and AchieveCE’s in-house pharmacy expert.
Archived sessions of Kreckel’s Pharmacy News and Views are also available as home study webcasts for pharmacy professionals in case they miss the live sessions every Wednesday. These home study webcasts are published every first Wednesday of the month beginning May 4, 2022.

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