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Fundamentals of Trauma Processing

Learn how to assist patients in identifying and processing trauma and painful experience that may negatively impact their lives in this CE....


Stress Reduction for Healthcare Providers

In this CE, learn how to quantify burnout, how burnout occurs, and how to prevent it for a safer environment for professionals and patients....


HIPAA for Healthcare Professionals

This course surveys HIPAA through discussing who is covered, what is protected, how to protect key information, how to navigate breaches and the penal...


Recognizing Impairment in the Workplace

Learn about recognizing workplace impairment to help maintain safety among healthcare providers and patients in this CE....


Florida Requirement: Domestic Violence

This course applies to all healthcare professionals and fulfills the domestic violence requirement for FL health care professionals by discussing its ...


Preventing Medical Errors

This course applies to all healthcare professionals and fulfills the FL Board requirement for Preventing Medical Errors through discussing adverse eve...


HIV/AIDS Infection Control (1 Contact Hour)

This course applies to all healthcare professionals and fulfills the one-time Florida Board requirement for HIV/AIDS by discussing patient care, infec...


Pain Management for Healthcare Professionals

This course provides information how to identify the various types of pain and the best course of treatment for each. ...


Human Trafficking

Learn how to spot human trafficking victims in this course that meets Florida’s requirement for CE on human trafficking for healthcare providers. ...


The Opioid Epidemic

This course discusses what opiates and opioids are, the prevalence of drug abuse and drug-related deaths in the US, withdrawal, symptoms and treatment...


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